Delicious Hot Dog Alert!

Engine Hot Dogs serves superb hot dogs from a vintage fire truck at events in the London M25 area. Fresh-baked bread, award winning sausages, home-made sauces, sustainable packaging, all served with a smile from our crowd-pleasing 1959 fire engine - 61 years on the road and counting!

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Made by Professionals!

All our team have studied for a minimum of ten years under Dr Frankfurter at the Weiner Institute in the Black Forest.  Well maybe that’s not quite true, but we have served a lot of hot dogs and practise makes perfect.

The idea of the hot dog is simple and has passed the test of time. Kids, Pensioners, Professionals, Tourists, Brexiters and Remainers all keep coming back for another one, making them a reliable and popular event favourite, be it a trade show, seasonal fair, music festival or a big birthday or celebration, all of which we cater to.

Today we serve vegan dogs alongside the trad American staples. We also offer meat-free menus, halal dogs, regional specials from Germany and Japan, all sized to suit your event. Use the contact form to receive our current event menu.

Perhaps the main reason why so many people enjoy hot dogs is that the variety of sauces and toppings make each dog unique. All our dogs are made to order so you can have yours as traditional or idiosyncratic as you!

Ready to roll in 60 seconds! (Er ... but best to call first)

We use handmade double-smoked sausages, seasoned with a punchy blend of herbs and spices. With natural casings and smoked over Beech wood, they’re big and juicy, with the perfect snap.

Our demi-brioche buns are baked fresh every morning, the toppings are homemade and the sauces are smokin’ hot! Ooooh I want one now!

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19th Sep 2020

Brexit, Extinction Rebellion and Covid and are just three of the powerful forces in play. Sustainability is a theme that runs through all these mega trends – how do we sustain our climate, our politics, our health? On a macro scale these questions generate vigorous debate but zooming into a small, independent business like Engine […]

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The Form

Hello :-) For an event quote please tell us the date & time, postcode, approximate numbers and any other information you want to share, such as the occasion. Or you can request a no obligation call back if that's easier. Please note our 1959 van drives very slowly so we can only operate within the M25 area. We would love to hear from you!